ADA Comply 2.0 Review – The “First To Market” Software Makes Your Websites & Client’s Websites ADA Compliant “The American Disabilities Act” In Minutes & Finds You Unlimited Prospects, Leads.. Avoid Law Suits, Rank Higher On Search Engines & Tap Into A $650B/Year Untapped Market!


ADA Comply 2.0 Review – The “First To Market” SAAS Platform Protect All Your Websites & Digital Assets By QUICKLY Becoming ADA Compliant “The American Disabilities Act” In Just Minutes!

ADA Comply 2.0 Review – Overview


ADA Comply 2.0 Review – What is it ?

THOUSANDS of businesses are getting sued every year because their Websites don’t comply with the ADA (The American Disabilities Act) guidelines. Your and your client’s Websites MUST be ADA Compliant. If not, you can get sued at any point!

ADA Comply 2.0 is a brand new software allows any business to make their websites ADA Compliant easily, quickly and automatically. You can now offer this as a service to businesses in your area and of course you can optimize your own websites. In addition they added a Lead Generation App, this will find any and all businesses out there with Websites that are not ADA Compliant. You can then reach out to them (via their report and email script) getting them board as client to do the ADA optimization for them – and get paid!

In ADA Comply Version 2.0 Allows you to find an unlimited amount of Leads & Prospects in any local area. These are HOT leads because this ADA Comply 2.0 app only shows you the results of websites that are NOT optimized for ADA Compliance and therefore in danger of being sued. You will ALSO receive a thorough report with everything the website is lacking – this report can then be send to your Leads & Prospects.

ADA Comply 2.0 Review – What Make It Different ?

ADA Comply 2.0 is A First To Market Product That Solves A $400 Billion Problem!

  • An historic supreme court judgement last year caused a surge in websites owners being sued for non-complaince with ADA.
  • 1,500+ legal cases related to non-accessibility compliance in new york alone in 2018
  • More than 10,000 websites sued in 2019 for their website not being ADA compliant
  • This number is expected to hit 100k by next year – 2021
  • Unlike GDPR, The ADA law requires no notice before a lawsuit is filed against a company for non-compliance.
  • The law provides no time for a company to take action before a lawsuit is filed, and it offers no real defense to a company after a lawsuit has been filed.
  • Most business/website owners sued pay between $20 – $200k as out of court settlement. A recent settlement was $6m.
  • Businesses have spent an average of $3k – $50k to get their website fixed. (HUGE OPPORTUNITY – Even if you charge $1k per client). $1k per website x 400 million websites online = $400 billion

ADAComply 2.0 Review

ADAComply 2.0 is a “first to market” SAAS platform that helps website owners improve their website accessibility in minutes and be ADA Compliant. Is Your Website ADA Compliant? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.

Benefit of having an ADA compliant/Accessible Website:

  • Avoid lawsuits (Over 10k websites have been sued this year alone for not being ADA compliant… and this figure will skyrocket in 2020.
  • Rank higher on search engines. (Google loves accessible websites)
  • And tapped into the $650 billion per year untapped disablity market.

ADA Comply 2.0 Review – What New In Version 2.0 ?

With ADA Comply 2.0, they’re bringing you BRAND NEW Lead Generation & Monetization Features With Only One Purpose To Help You Get More Clients, Close More Sales & Generate More Profits…

  • NEW – Lead Generation & Business Search – Use ADA Comply 2.0 to find Businesses that are not yet ADA Compliant. Just plug in the Industry and this app will deliver you Websites & Businesses that are not yet optimzied.
  • NEW – Website Compliance Analysis – With this brand new feature you’ll be able to plug ANY website into ADA Comply 2.0 and you’ll be everything that Website is lacking when it comes to ADA Compliance.
  • NEW – Professional PDF Report – In version 2.0 you are now able to convert your Website Analysis into a slick report. You can send this report directly to any prospect via email and it will help you to land clients quickly and easily.

ADA Comply 2.0 Review – How Does It Works ?

ADA Comply 2.0 Works In 3 Simple Steps…

  • STEP 1: Add a new website to your ADA Compliant dashboard with the web url address Click to copy the code to your website.
  • STEP 2: Click to copy the code to your website
  • STEP 3: Paste the code in your website’s footer.

And that’s it! From there you can add any other accessibility profiles you need to your site easily from ADA Comply. Just follow the simple steps and you’ll be ADA Compliant in absolutely no time!

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ADA Comply 2.0 Review – The Benefits

  • ADA Comply 2.0 is 100% Cloud Based So There’s Nothing To Install – You won’t ever have to worry about downloading or installing anything on your computer or your mobile device. ADA Comply runs in the cloud so this way you know it will work every single time. Doesn’t matter whether you’re on a Mac, PC, or Chromebook. Just log in, follow a few instructions and you’re golden!
  • No Technical Expertise Needed – Even if you have the technical skills of a turtle, you can still use ADA Comply. They’ve designed the software so there’s literally no learning curve involved. It really is as simple as copying and pasting the single line of code that the software gives you and let ADA Comply do it’s magic. But even if you get stuck, they’ll have training to show you how to do it quickly and easily!
  • This is Great For SEO Too – Did you know that having an accessible website is so important that Google gives it more revelancy than one that isn’t accessible? So by not having an accessible website for disabled people, you could be losing out on a ton of potential customers which means losing out on more potential revenue. Just another reason to let ADA Comply get your sites compliant and all ready to go!
  • You’ll Be Ready To Tap Into a Multi Billion Dollar Market – Right now, the disabled market is valued at $650 billion dollars. That’s BILLIONS with a capital B. Now, I don’t advocate taking advantage of disabled people. As a matter of fact, if you do that, then ADA Comply isn’t for you. However, disabled people need services and spend money as well. So why not put your sites in position to profit from the market? If you offer services that truly help and make disabled people’s lives easier, and their willing to spend money with you, then it’ll be a win/win all the way around. But by not making your sites accessible, you lose potential customers and leave money on the table!
  • ADA Comply 2.0 is Like Repellant For Greedy Lawyers – It’s no secret that lawsuits for non ADA compliant sites are on the rise. As a matter of fact, this has become the new money maker for lawyers who used to chase ambulances. And because they know the inner workings of the law, they can trap you in an instant for an easy payday. But when you put ADA Comply on your sites, you’ll sap them of their legal powers and render their underhanded schemes totally useless.

ADA Comply 2.0 Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

When You Grab ADA Comply 2.0 Today, You’ll Also Get A Commercial License So You Can Make A Six Figure Income!

While ADAComply 2.0 is great for your own personal sites and business, they also want to offer you a commercial license of ADA Comply 2.0 at no additional charge. This is their way of saying thanks for taking fast action and getting access to ADAComply 2.0 today. With this free upgrade, you’ll put yourself in a position to make an additional six figure income.

Just imagine if you charged $1,000 per client or $500 per site. You would only need a handful of clients to generate a realistic six figure yearly income. And why wouldn’t small businesses sign up for this service? Especially when you’re helping them not to lose 10’s of thousands of dollars right? This option alone makes investing in ADA Comply a true no brainer!

Here’s How One Guy Was Able To Generate $50,000 In 7 Weeks Helping Businesses Get Their Sites ADA Compliant…

 ADAComply 2.0

PLUS You’ll Also These VIP Bonus Inside Member Area In Limitted Time!

  • VIP Bonus 1: Social Trend Spy (With Agency Rights – Install on Client Sites) – Social Trend Spy Plugin is a very highly sort after WP plugin that allows you to spy on profitable trending High Converting Ad Campaigns in any niche included some training and even a guide to help you with some keyword ideas. Social Trend Spy Plugin allows you to narrow your research to which website posted and/or keywords broken all the way down to posts by date photo posts.
  • VIP Bonus 2: Agency License to ClickFomo Software (Normal Price $67) – A SaaS platform that helps users harness the phsychological principle of the herd effect and fomo – “The fear of missing out” to double, triple or even quadruple the conversions on their salespage, optin pages, webinar pages, ecom stores, etc without stress.
  • VIP Bonus 3: 220+ Done For You Local Video Templates (worth $997) – Create Highly Engaging & Profit Pulling Videos In Minutes… Done-For-You Video Templates, Audio Tracks and Stock Images… Using Only MicroSoft Powerpoint! 220+ Brand new collection of Premium PowerPoint video templates that are aesthetic, responsive and easy to use. Comes with beautiful artistic effects yet so easy to edit. No matter what kind of video you’re trying to create, there’s a video template for you. DFY Local Vids makes video creation drop-dead simple.
  • VIP Bonus 4: Done-For-You Social Media Content Calendar & Strategy For 365 Days [Full Year] – Done-For-You Social Media Content Calendar & Strategy For 365 Days (this alone is worth a premium). With this vault you will never lack content for your social media marketing again as you’ll get ready-made daily curated content with fresh trending topics giving you ALL the benefits of content marketing with none of the work. PLUS Their Special Prospecting Bundle This Will Help You Get Clients & Turn This Into A True Six Figure Income!
  • VIP Bonus 5: Get Access To Over 300 Million Businesses & Millions of Professionals In the USA (Normal Price: $2,997 – Worth : $20,000) – Here’s What You’ll Get Access To: 23 Million US Businesses Database, 300 Million Global Domain & Website owners Database.. You will also get instant access to: 1.2 Million Realtors Eamils, 150,000 Home Builders And Constructors Emails, 15,000 CPS $ Accounting Emails, 19,000 Veterinarian and Animal Hospitals Emails, 230,000 US Physicians Emails, 11,654 Chiropractors Emails, 21,000 Loan Officers Emails, 37,000 Dentists Emails, 20,000 Insurance Agents and Brokers Emails, 50,000+ Websites Built On Clickfunnels, 120,000 Clickfunnels Members (They all need ADAComply).

ADA Comply 2.0 Review


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