Agency Bud Review – New Proven Income System To Build 6 Figure Online Assets With 4 Top Level Saas Platforms That You Can Use For Your Selves And Sell As Your Own!


Agency Bud Review – Discover How You Can Start A Side Hustle TODAY That Can Rapidly Build & Scale Into A Recurring Income Lifeline With No Matter What Your Skill Level Or Past History Has Been!

Agency Bud Review – Overview


Agency Bud Review – What is it ?

Agency Bud is a brand new proven income system that will show you  step by step guide on how to getting started in your own digital agency to build 6 figure online assets, and scale or sell them again and again. PLUS, you’ll get 4 TOP LEVEL SAAS Platforms “Repwarn, ColdReach, DataJeo, Engage Superbot System” that you can use for your selves AND sell as your own. Every platform has a recurring billing, is built for business and is proven. With AgencyBud, You will have you own software AGENCY to scale and grow, keeping 100% of the revenue!

Let’s Look At The Four Apps You Will Have The License To On-Sell…

  1. REPWARN (Currently Selling For $97 Monthly Or $997 Annual) – Created in 2014, launched in 2015. Repwarn is designed to be the social media monitoring tool and reputation suite that your clients can have running for them 24×7. Any time someone mentions their brand, their products or even their staff – a notification is sent and it can be addressed. If it’s good news, it can be shared through social media. If it’s bad – it can be addressed immediately. Repwarn’s new modules also include a lead management area, for people looking for your clients business, in their area (does anyone know of a good “business consultant” in “hope island” as an example). As well as the new Review Generator tool – helping businesses get more good reviews, while filtering the bad.
  2. COLDREACH (Currently Selling For $39.95 Monthly Or $297 Annual) – Now in it’s 3rd release, originally called LeadGeyser and then Discover, ColdReach is a lead generation tool for B2B business targeting. Have you just created a campaign for “Clothing manufacturer and retailers”? Then, using ColdReach, you can easily find all the businesses that are similar in any geographic area, and have the contact email addresses of the key people instantly discovered. Do you find the ideal person to reach out to is a marketing manager in an organisation? Use the “people” search of ColdReach to identify anyone who fills that role, in an area you’d like to target and boom. You have an instant list of the right people to get your message out to. ColdReach is the lead generation tool for business, and while I’ve seen plenty of businesses close their doors because they don’t have enough leads… I’ve yet to see one close because they’ve had too many!
  3. DATAJEO (Currently Selling For $37 Monthly Or $397 Annual) – Currently going through an update, DataJeo delivers advertising and marketing profiles. Do you sell “coffee cups”? – Then just input those two words into the system and you will instantly start to see the result. You’ll see the top 20 competitors for that product. Selectively choosing the competitors that you feel have the same market as you do, allows the real magic to take place. You will see their exact keywords. Paid and Organic. You will see which ones of the keywords bring the most traffic. Click next to the audience section and you will start to see the exact demographics you can be targeting. Where do they live? How old are they? What are their interests? You will be able to see the exact Facebook groups and pages you can target in your advertising. You’ll see the Youtube videos that you can be placing your message on and even the top twitter channels that a brand like yours can use to leverage. The result? a tighter advertising campaign from day one. PLUS an integrated tracking and split testing facility to bring the REAL winning campaigns to the front for you everytime.
  4. ENGAGE SUPERBOT SYSTEM (Currently Selling For $39.95 Monthly Or $297 Annual) – Engaging web visitors often leads to more sales, less support questions and a better customer experience all round. BUT – it means using YET ANOTHER platform for messaging and keeping on top of, plus – who wants to be getting messages at 1 in the morning from someone on your site. Worse yet! if you DON’T answer them, you can wake up in the morning to someone who’s already annoyed that your “service is so poor” and you’ve lost before you’ve begun. Enter “ENGAGE – The Superbot system”, With a simple copy/paste install on any site – you can have a live chat system that uses your existing message platform. Do you use skype? great. Answer on Skype. Do you use facebook Messenger? Awesome – answer there. And with the built in ROSTER and SCHEDULE system, you can have the right person receiving the message, at the right time – or the bot to deliver a pre determined answer to the web visitor. It’s about ENGAGing the customer for growth.

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Agency Bud Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

Having your own subscription software business is a terrific model for on-going growth. You will have a product, that businesses subscribe to, and every month that they stay, you will have that income. BUT, research anywhere and it will show the typical software program costs a minimum of $30,000 to get to an ‘MVP’ stage – and that’s a minimum product. Taking that product to maturity takes another $100,000 to $150,000 at least!

Luckily with an AgencyBud membership, you have 4 subscription based software platforms BUILT, MATURE and ready for you. It’s about providing more for your clients, without taking more from your time. No matter what it is you are doing in business, having “Multiple Streams” of income makes GOOD SENSE. Because the deployment and support of the software products in the suite is taken care of by them – you can grow the income, without sacrificing the time. As we spoke of the Agency Bud system, you get to keep 100% of the revenue And that grows with each new subscriber!

Agency Bud Review


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