Animated Hero Review – Stunning All-In-One Graphics Solutions Packed with 300 High-Quality Animated Icon Vector in 10 Category Based on 2020 Market Trend That You Can Use To Spice Up Your Videos, Improve Your Conversions & Make It Unique Then Others!


Animated Hero Review – The EASIEST & FASTEST Way To Add Creative Touch On Your Video & Make Them Stand Out From The Crowd With 300 Ready-To-Use, Scalable Animated Icon Vector Graphics!

Animated Hero Review – Overview


Animated Hero Review – What is it ?

Animated Hero is a stunning all-in-one animated vector graphics solutions packed with 300 high-quality Animated Icon vector in 10 Category Based on 2020 Market Trend and completed file formats (AE,GIF,SWF, PNG) + 2 Size Options (600 px – 1200 px) that will help you easily add creative touch to your video in minutes. Animated Hero is a premium bundle come with COMMERCIAL LICENSE & NO Monthly Fee that you can use to spice up your videos, improve your conversions and make your video unique then others!

With Animated Hero, Now You Can Easily Add Creative Touch To Your Video In Minutes…

  • No Need To Hire A Video-Graphic Designer – No need for a big budget. Averagely, it is USD 50/hour to hire a freelancer.
  • No Need To Try To Learn From Scratch – Stop wasting time & money taking crash courses on how to create high-quality content.
  • No Need To Buy A Template For One Brand – Try expensive character animations on marketplaces whose prices can reach $144 just for ONE TEMPLATES !

Animated Hero Review – The Features

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Today Inside Animated Hero…

  • MODULE 1: Educational Category – 30 Educations Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Educations Animated Icon Format (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 2: 30 Business Category – 30 Business Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Business Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 3: 30 Sport Category – Sport Static Icon (PNG Format) + Sport Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 4: 30 Restaurant Category – 30 Restaurant Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Restaurant Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 5: 30 Social Media Category – Social Media Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Social Media Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 6: 30 Medical Category – 30 Medical Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Medical Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 7: 30 Music Category – 30 Music Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Music Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 8: 30 Avatar Category – 30 Avatar Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Avatar Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 9: 30 Transport Category – 30 Transport Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Transport Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • MODULE 10: 30 Gadget Category – 30 Gadget Static Icon (PNG Format) + 30 Gadget Animated Icon (AE – GIF – SWF)
  • EXTRA BONUS: 80 Animated Character Bundle

Animated Hero Works With Most Major Video Making Softwares on the Market!

Animated Hero Bonus

Animated Hero Review – How Does It Works ?

Animated Hero Will Help You Boost Your Video Engagement In Just 3 Simple Steps…

  • STEP 1: Choice Vector Animated – Inside you will see more than 4780 DFY Animated vector graphic in 10 category.
  • STEP 2: Mix And Max In Your Video – Works With Most Major Video Making Softwares on the Market.
  • STEP 3: Render And Done – Render and Boom Now you have engaging and unique video.

Watch Animated Hero Demo

Animated Hero

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Animated Hero Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

Here’re 6 Reason Why You Must Choice Animated Hero…

  • Easy To Use – You can edit all templates only with Ms. PowerPoint. No Additional Plugin Required.
  • Completed Design Pack – Not only video templates! Inside you will get more static designs to match your video templates! (banner kits,etc)
  • Well Organized – All file already pack completely, so you doesn’t need much time to download it.
  • Low Cost Investment – No HYPE Here! You get real value to help you sell more!
  • Unique Product – They have multiple styles of high quality animation videos and static designs for eCommerce promotions.
  • Full Support – They also give you tutorials and premium support for all of their products and services.

Animated Hero Complete Tutorial To Suit Your Needs

Animated Hero OTO


You May Think You Would Spent Over $97, $150 Or Even $500+ To Get Mega Package – Exclusive Product They Have Here… And to be honest, it’s totally worth for such a price!

If you use the services of a professional animated designer, then you have to pay around $450 to $2,000 for a Custom – Creative Animated Vector such they have here… depends on the quality and quantity.

I  know… that’s a super expensive costs for some people, isn’t? Think about if you outsourcing (let say…) 10 pack vector animated  completes with the marketing graphics. For $450 a pop… that’s $800 right here! Sure… you can get an expensive, over-used animated vector graphic from sites like,,, etc… yet the prices aren’t pretty!

Right Now…, You Can Get Full Access To Animated Hero For Low Cost Investment!

Under $20 For Main Pack | And $40 For Platinum Pack. You May Expect To Pay $177, $297 Or Even $497 For Such A High-Quality Graphics Package And to be honest, it’s totally worth for such a price. Right Now, You Can Get Full Access To Animated Hero For 50% Discount (Under $17)!

Animated Hero Review


Animated Hero Review – My VIP Bonus


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Thanks you for reading my Animated Hero Review best wishes to you!

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