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BizVideo Review – What is it ?

BizVideo is a unique Video MARKETING tool, which turn coffee mugs, TV ads, blogs, email, texts, social media, brochures, web pages, mailers and more into interactive video campaigns. Use any video to capture and identify leads, build lists and close sales. BizVideo transforms videos into marketing. And that’s not all, there is a lot more… A BizVideo campaign is like a multiplex theater. People come to your campaign to see your video much like people come to the movie theater to see a movie. In a multiplex theater one movie will be showing on several screens. In the bizVideo multiplex your video is showing on all the screens. Each screen is a different channel such as an email or social media or a web page where they can access your campaign.

BizVideo Campaigns Get Your Video Campaign Seen by More People


BizVideo Review – Overview


VendorAjay Sagar
Official WebsiteClick here to go BizVideo Official Site
Launch Date2020 – Sep – 16 At 03:00 EDT
Front End Price$69.95 – $149.85
BonusesYes, Huge Premium Bonus Below
Product TypeVideo
Effective Response
Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed
All Levels
RefundYES, 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

BizVideo Review – The Features

Six Bonus Features Built Into Your BizVideo Campaign…

  1. Automatic List Building – Manually entering prospect data is time consuming and prone to errors. After all that effort to get that lead, you don’t want to lose it now. bizVideo automatically adds every new lead to your list. All leads are opted in so your list is clean and ready for you to go build your business.
  2. Automatic List Segmentation – BizVideo automatically sorts new leads by campaign. This automatic sorting makes it easy to build campaigns targeting specific audience segments. Segmentation marketing has proven to increase ROI by 15% or more and it’s built into your bizVideo account.
  3. Search Engine Marketing – BizVideo campaigns are automatically optimized for search engines. Tags are built in for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as geo location. Your video marketing SEO is done for you. What you save in SEO expenses more than pays for bizVideo.
  4. My Call List (CRM) – BizVideo’s built in CRM system, My Call List, provides 5 distinctly important business functions. ” First, My Call List automatically adds all new leads to your database in real time. You can see who is interested instantly… Second, it also tells you which campaign they responded to. So you know what caught their interest and what information they requested… Third, My Call List also tells you which new leads came in today so you can easily check on the new leads and get back to them right away…  Fourth, you can make notes right in My Call List while you are talking to them. You can write call back reminders and more…  Fifth, you can access My Call List from your cell, tablet or laptop at any time”. With My Call List, you can always stay on top of new leads, which leads you need to call back, what information they requested, which campaign caught their interest, check call back reminders and much more. Everything you need to convert new leads into customers and sales.
  5. Call On The Go – Up to 64% of all Internet leads are wasted because no one responds in time*. That means you can increase your conversion rate up to 64% just by calling them or sending them a text quickly. My Call List gives you all the information about your leads. Call On The Go makes following up with them a piece of cake. With Call On The Go you can contact any lead, right away, right from your cell. “Want to talk with your new lead? Call them instantly with one touch of your finger.. Want to send them a text? You can send a text as fast as you can write or speak your message.. Want to send them an email? Click on their email address and start typing”. Stay ahead of your competition and impress prospects with your instant response to their needs. It’s all built into Call On The Go.
  6. Direct Sales Made Simple – With bizVideo, direct sales can be just one click away. Insert the link to your order form into your campaign and start driving direct sales. Keep them focused, keep them interested, and make it easy to buy with a purchase just one click away.

BizVideo Review – How Can Profits From It ?

  • Build Your Own Campaigns To Generate High Quality Sales Leads And Grow Your Business – Each lead is yours alone, not shared or sold to four other people. Every lead is a motivated buyer. Every lead clearly wants and/or has a need for your product or service. These are the leads you can convert to sales.
  • Grow Your Direct Sales By Linking Your Order Form Or Store Front To Your Campaign – To get the order while they are excited, put your order form link right below your video. You make it easy for them to buy at their peak point of interest.
  • Make Money Building Bizvideo Campaigns For Clients – Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to build video marketing campaigns with less than half the coverage of bizVideo. You can offer them more channels and add in Offline sources at a fraction of that cost. It’s a very profitable win win.

Five More Ways to Monetize BizVideo – Using BizVideo To Generate Leads For Sales

  • Generate and identify highest quality leads and sell them to others – Use bizVideo to build traffic
  • Capitalize on their peak interest and link to your web site – Build your subscriber base
  • Use BizVideo to get new subscribers, they can subscribe right in your campaign – Offer campaign services
  • Design, build and run video marketing campaigns for marketing coaches, consultants and marketing agencies – Affiliate sales
  • Sell bizVideo to your customers

Watch BizVideo Demo

Build Your BizVideo Campaign in Less Than 2 Minutes In Three simple Steps

BizVideo Review – Should I Get It Today ?

Here Are The Reason Why You Should Get BizVideo Today!

  • BizVideo Brings MARKETING To Video – There are a lot of products to help you create your video. But what do you do with your video when it’s finished? After all, video cannot market itself. All those production products end where video MARKETING begins! The problem is that your video can not magically market itself. You have to create a marketing campaign to get your video out there where people can see it. bizVideo can put your campaign on millions of screens world wide. Getting your video seen is the first job of your video marketing campaign Nothing gets your video seen by more people than bizVideo.
  • Use Any Video – Video cannot grab anyone’s attention if they’re not watching. Video cannot drive traffic or generate leads if there are no viewers. Video is completely powerless if nobody ever sees it.
  • Use All of Social Media – Why restrict your campaign to just one social media platform when you can use them all? Go ahead and post your bizVideo campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap, TikTok and more. bizVideo is platform agnostic so your campaigns work on all social media platforms.
  • Reach Out Beyond The Virtual World – They all live in the physical world but work and play in the virtual world. So why not extend your video marketing into both? You can place your bizVideo campaign on any channel online anywhere on the Internet. But then bizVideo bridges the gap and lets you extend your marketing out into the physical world. They can access your campaign from physical collateral such as a brochure, sign or T Shirt. No other marketing product can do this like bizVideo.
  • Make Changes Any Time – Imagine you are inviting people to an event in your video campaign. You posted your campaign on Facebook, emailed your list and put it on your web site. But then something happens and you have to reschedule the event to a new date. With bizVideo’s evergreen links this is not a problem at all. You simply change the date in your video, update your campaign and everyone now sees your updated content. When they open the email, when they look at your facebook posting, when they click on the link in your web site, they see the new date. With bizVideo you can change any element of your campaign and never have to reprint or republish any campaign links.
  • Capture Viewers’ Contact Data – A video by itself cannot capture viewer’s data but bizVideo can. It’s so simple and built right in. No special formatting or media players required. No special apps or extensions to download. No links to another page. Capture is built right into every bizVideo campaign.
  • Get High Quality Leads – Every bizVideo lead is a high quality, opted in lead. You know they have seen your campaign and were motivated to share their contact data with you. These are the highest quality leads. These are leads that you can convert.
  • Follow Up Leads Fast – Your chance of converting a lead to a sale is seven time higher if you respond to that lead within one hour.* BizVideo makes it easy to respond in seconds. Get them while they’re hot.

BizVideo’s Coherent Campaign Interface Your Secret Marketing Weapon…

No Clicks, No Links and No Distractions Translates Into Higher Conversion Rates for Your Success!

  • Keep Them Focused on YOUR Message – You want viewers’ attention focused on your video, and only your video. With bizVideo’s Coherent Campaign Interface, there are no other videos in sight. No distracting ads or videos of rainbow unicorns or flying turtles. Your viewer stays focused on your video, your message. You’ve worked hard to get their attention, you don’t want to loose them now.
  • Capitalize on Their Interest – Once your video grabs their interest, you want to capitalize on that interest. Fast! Timing is everything and the best time to ask prospects to share data is when they are the most engaged, at their peak point of interest. That is while they are watching your video and immediately afterwards.
  • Highest Conversion Rate – With bizVideo, your conversion rate is high because viewers never leave your campaign. They do not need to click away from your campaign to find the contact form. With bizVideo’s Coherent Campaign Interface, it’s right there on the screen. They can share their contact information, make a comment or submit a question at any time, even while your video is still playing. No other video marketing product can do that.

Buy your BizVideo account today and receive an offer that expands the reach of your video marketing. You see exclusive programs designed to supercharge your video campaigns generating two or three times the number of new leads, opt ins or sales. Watch for the offer when you sign up and be sure to take advantage of this great marketing opportunity!

BizVideo Review

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BizVideo Review

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