Fade To Black Review – The Blueprint To Creating Multi-Million Dollar Videos Come With The Methods, Tactics And Hacks That Have Helped Create Exceptional, Profitable Video Content!


Fade To Black Review – Brand New Proven Blueprint System That Will Reveal The Secrets To What Has Helped Them Generate More Than $20,000,000 In Online Sales!

Fade To Black Review – Overview


  • Product: Fade To Black
  • Vendor: Joey Xoto
  • Official Website: Click here to go Fade To Black Official Site
  • Launch Date: 2020 – Mar – 03 At 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $47 – $197
  • Bonus: Yes, My Premium Bonus Below
  • Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche: General

Fade To Black Review – What is it ?

Fade To Black is a brand new proven blueprint system that will reveal the secrets to what has helped them generate more than $20,000,000 in online sales. These are the methods, tactics & hacks that have helped create the exact video content presented by Viddyoze. Fade To Black will tool you with more than software. You will learn the skills and methods required to create exceptional, profitable video content for the rest of your professional careers… without having to ever rely on software. Better yet, you can use your software at a much better level once you’ve learned these insider secrets and discover a proven system behind creating “money” videos!

Fade To Black Review – The Features

Here’s What You’ll Get With Fade To Black…

  • 80+ Videos, Zero Fluff – Fade To Black covers the complete cycle of video creation with no stone left unturned. Joey reveals his exact step by step process to creating some of the most profitable video content seen in the IM space, including in-depth analysis of the video content that has generated over $20m in sales. Everything is covered in over 80 incredible videos packed with gems in every single frame… this is a fluff-free product.
  • The Million Dollar Script Formula – After $20m in sales they’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a viewers head tick. Your video is completely irrelevant if your script doesn’t turn your viewers into buyers. Fade To Black will teach you the proven, repeatable method of creating highly persuasive video scripts. These are the secrets Joey has used to generate 6 figures in affiliate promotions, as well as multi-millions in sales of the Viddyoze platform.
  • A Video Production School In A Box – Fade To Black teaches the fundamentals of creating content that excites, persuades and engages viewers. To do that, you will need the in-depth knowledge required to creating professional level video content. Joey breaks this down in a remarkable, simple to master format (no prior experience needed). Once learned, you will be able to apply this knowledge to any video you ever create, ensuring the best most profitable result for every frame of video you shoot.
  • Every Angle, Setting & Concept Explained – Fade To Black teaches the real word use cases of your video equipment. Have you used a camera and never really known what every feature does? Wondering how to get the most of the gear you’ve invested in? Look no further. You will leave the course feeling completely competent, being able to grab any camera and shoot high quality content! Not because you’re using a great camera, but because you know how to make the most out of any camera.
  • Lights, Camera, Audio, Everything – Fade To Black covers the entire workflow to creating exceptional video content on camera. From choosing locations, framing shots, getting professional audio, lighting, storyboarding and so much more… Joey covers literally everything you will ever need. This truly is an A-Z Bible of video creation. The best part? The course is accessible at any time from anywhere, even on a shoot. So if you’re ever lost and need some input, just jump back to the members area and get what you need.
  • No Camera? No Problem – Not everyone wants to be on camera, and that’s fine. Joey has created an extensive section of the course specifically for students who want to create video content without ever having to get on camera… In fact, Joey even explains how to create videos without even recording your voice. Just because you’re not on camera, doesn’t mean anything. These videos will still pack just as much punch! Everything is revealed in Fade To Black.
  • Become A Master Editor, Overnight (Yep) – Anybody that understands video will tell you, “it’s all about the edit”… They’re right. Problem is, learning to become a good editor takes time, until now. In what is probably the most powerful, valuable part of this course, Joey reveals the exact steps and secrets to not only editing quickly & effectively, but in a way that makes your video content incredibly engaging and interesting… These are genuine insider secrets that Joey has never revealed to anyone before now.
  • Musicality & Psychology – One of the most undervalued and unrecognised proponents of a highly successful video, is music. Joey often spends hours just choosing the right audio track for his videos, and for one very good reason… Music is everything. It drives your video, it makes your viewers feel emotion and will subconsciously affect them in ways you’d never imagine. Here’s a hint… the right music = money in your pocket.
  • $20m+ Sales Videos, Fully Deconstructed – On top of all the incredible training content provided in Fade To Black, Joey Xoto takes you inside real video projects in his editor, and explains the methodology behind the videos. Want to see how the Viddyoze sales videos ($20m in sales) have been created, scene by scene? You can. Want to discover the thought process behind cutting the Klippyo sales video ($900k in sales) frame by frame? Now you can.. On top of that, Joey reveals the technique behind creating high-impact teaser trailers, showreel videos and even some generic video projects. Everything is covered, and more.

Fade To Black Review

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