SERP Scout Review – New Revolutionary Client Prospecting Software That Instantly Scan Websites In Google & The Yellow Pages For Sites That Are Missing The Facebook pixel, Google analytics, Schema, SSL And Other Key Indicators!


SERP Scout Review – The First Amazing Software Platform That Instantly Scan Websites In Google, Yellow Pages And Inspects Your Site To Determines If You Have Weaknesses!

SERP Scout Review – Overview


SERP Scout Review – What is it ?

SERP Scout is a revolutionary client prospecting software. Instantly scan websites in Google & The Yellow Pages for sites that are missing The Facebook pixel, Google analytics, Schema, SSL, and other key indicators. Then use automated reporting function and email outreach system to quickly contact business owners. It’s a client prospecting tool on steroids!

SERP Scout is A Client Prospecting Tool That Developed With All The Features And Tools You Could Ever Want!

  • Facebook Pixel Check – Instantly scan 1000’s of websites in Google to see if you have your Facebook pixel installed.
  • Adwords Pixel Check – Instantly scan 1000’s of websites to see if you have Google Adwords pixel on your site.
  • Google Analytics Check – Instantly scan 1000’s of websites to see if you have Google Analytics on your site.
  • Google MyBusiness Check – Instantly scan 1000’s of websites in Google to see if you have a Google Business listing.
  • SSL Check – Instantly scan 1000’s of websites to see if you have an SSL Certificate on your site.
  • Schema Check – Instantly scan 1000’s of websites to evaluate if you have schema (as SEO markup).
  • GOpen Graph Check – Instantly scan 1000’s of websites in Google to see if you have your Adwords pixel installed.
  • Automated Report Generation – Create customized audit reports for clients to include in outreach emails.
  • Gmail, Microsoft & SMTP Email Integration – Send emails directly from Pixel Scout through the email provider of your choice.
  • Global Search Filters – Filter out directory and review sites from your list of prospects.
  • Yellow Pages Search – Instantly scan & generate a website audit report for 1000’s of sites in
  • Proven Email Outreach Templates – Send emails directly from Pixel Scout using their proven to convert email templates.
  • Included Software Training – Training videos detailing how the software works and best practices for users.

SERP Scout Review – How Does It Works ?

SERP Scout Helps You Find High Paying Clients In ONLY A FEW SIMPLE STEPS Without Making A Single Cold Call!

  • STEP 1: Enter your search criteria and let SERP Scout pull back the results.
  • STEP 2: Create an amazing beautiful report to send to your prospects.
  • STEP 3: Let the follow up campaign warm them up, they contact you, and you close the sale.

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When you get access to SERP Scout today, you’ll find that using it to find profitable local business leads is an absolute breeze…

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SERP Scout Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

SERPscout Can Help Turn Things Around Quickly!

While some local marketers make a killing, the majority fail badly when it comes to getting high paying local clients. If that’s you, then getting access to SERPScout is perfect. Because SERP Scout helps take care of the #1 issue that every local marketer faces and that’s prospecting. By tapping into the SERP Scout tools, you can deliver MAJOR value to every local business you pull from the SERP Scout search results and start having local business owners contact you in as little as 7 days for your help.

Even if it took you 30 days to close one monthly high paying client at $3k to $5k a month, that’s an extra $36,000 to $60,000 a year. And by using the tools included with SERP Scout, those are leads that came to you without a single cold call! That’s reason enough to invest in SERPScout today!

SERP Scout

Also, When You Say Yes To SERP Scout Today You’ll Receive These Exclusive Fast Action Bonuses!

  • BONUS 1: High Converting Fill In The Blank Email Templates – With this bonus, you won’t have to figure out what to say to your prospects. They’ve already taken care of that for you. Just use these fill in the blank templates (already included with your Serp Scout account) to pique the interest of all your leads. This way, you’ll never have to deal with any local business owners that aren’t a good fit. When a local business owner replies to you for more information, you’ll know that they are a hot lead. All you have to do is reply and close the deal. No rejection whatsoever!
  • BONUS 2: Professionally Edited FB Pixel Explainer Video – With this bonus, they’ll hand over a extremely high quality explainer video you can embed into the reports where you are targetting clients without a FB Pixel installed on their website. Most business owners don’t really know what a FB Pixel is, or how powerful it can be for their business to retarget their visitors. Well this short video will have your clients salaviting to hire you. This explainer video has a professionally written script, combined with a hollywood studio voice over on a beautifully animated video!
  • BONUS 3: Basic SEO Agency Training By David Hood – With this bonus, you’ll receive access to 35 minutes of intense SEO Agency training from their in house SEO Expert David Hood, who made over $439,000 last year with his Agency, and he did it with zero employees. David will teach you about his 3 Critical Agency Fundamentals for massive succes and as well as cover his best kept secret Outbound Sales tactics that you can employ using SERPscout to find your prospects!

Great! SERP Scout Is Perfect For You!

By making a one time small investment in SERP Scout today, you’ll have everything you need under one roof to not only find local business leads, but impress them with savvy reporting as well as automated follow up. So SERP Scout can work for you qualifying local business leads while you sleep, And when you add in the fact that it’s almost virtually guaranteed for you to land at least one $500/mo client, how could you pass on this offer today?

By getting access to SERP Scout today you can streamline your prospecting even further without hardly missing a beat. Just think of all the other local niches you could dominate if you didn’t have to spend as much manual time on marketing? By adding SERP Scout to your arsenal, you can increase your bottom line by getting more high quality leads in a fraction of the time it would normally take!

However, If You Want To Get SERP Scout At Discount, YOU’LL NEED TO ACT FAST!

But I do need to warn you. The discount you’ll be receiving today is only for a limited time. During this special launch phase, they’re allowing anyone to get access to SERP Scout without it breaking the bank. But once this special promotion is over, you’ll either be forced to pay double, triple, or more for access to SERP Scout. Plus, with every day the price of SERP Scout is increasing. So if you want to secure the best discount possible for SERP Scout, now is the time. As in TODAY!

SERP Scout Review


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