Unlimited Leads Challenge Review – 14 Days Challenge That Will Show Exactly How To Build A Massive List of Hyper-Responsive Leads And Buyers!


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Unlimited Leads Challenge Review – What is it ?

The Unlimited Leads Challenge is a 14 day challenge that will take you by the hand and help you start generating leads using YouTube Ads. The funnel and copy and sales page were written and designed by the team behind the Clickfunnels “One Funnel Away” Challenge so everything is top notch and proven to convert. The training takes place over 14 days and the first time the TubeSift team ran this it got a ton of student results which will be reflected on the sales page.


ProductUnlimited Leads Challenge
VendorJustin Sardi
Official WebsiteClick here to go Unlimited Leads Challenge Official Site
Launch Date2020 – Dec – 01 At 11:00 EST
Front End Price$47 – $97
BonusesYes, Huge Premium Bonus Below
Product TypeGeneral
Effective Response
Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed
All Levels
RefundYES, 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Unlimited Leads Challenge Review – The Features

Here’s What You Get When You Join The Unlimited Leads Challenge…

  • 14 Days of Step by Step YouTube Lead Generation Training ($997 Value) – Get ready to have your world ROCKED! For 14 days, you’ll get exclusive access to step by step training videos where they will personally coach and mentor you through the entire process. It’ll be like they’re right there in your living room, delivering over-the-shoulder guidance. Each video is designed to get you to complete a specific and critical task that takes you closer to your goal. Each video comes with a specific call to action. You’ll see a RESULT at the end of each video training session when you do the work. You’ll feel confident and a wonderful sense of pride for your achievement.
  • YOUTUBE Lead Generation Roadmap ($47 Value) – They made is super simple for you to go through the Challenge with this soup to nuts detailed roadmap. This easy to follow infographic lays it all out for you, step by step… So you know exactly what to do, the day to do it, and all the milestones along the way. Your 14 days will fly by…yet your eyes will pop when you see how far your business has come in such a short time.
  • The Ultimate YouTube Lead Generation Workbook ($197 Value) – Staying organized and on track is the key to your success. This is your companion workbook to the video training, from Day 1 through Day 14. One of the key things to remember during this intensive bootcamp is to take stock and pride in your daily wins and progress. When you complete each video and do the work, the results will be staring you in the face. Write down all your ideas in your workbook, because they WILL start flowing once you get into the Challenge. The Workbook is your personal business bible, so keep it by your side at all times. And refer to it often. You’ll be amazed at how the Challenge gets your creative juices flowing.
  • Irresitable Video Ad Scripts & System Templates ($197 Value) – No more stressing over what to write or say in your videos. These fool-proof, high converting ad scripts are plug & play simple. All you have to do is show up. Once you have your ‘impossible to resist’ offer, these ad scripts will help your product sales soar. They’ll practically do all the lead generating and selling for you! Warning: You do NOT want the competition getting their hands on these scripts and templates. These scripts and templates contain the ‘Top Secret’ formula for your success. They’ll save you a ton of time and help build your list in no time. Pure gold.

Unlimited Leads Challenge Review – Who is it for ?

First, I have to say this because it needs to be said…

This Challenge is not for everyone. If you’re not committed to growing your list with quality leads and buyers, then please pass on this offer. This is NOT for someone who makes excuses as to why something can’t be done… ”I don’t have the time,” “I’m not smart enough,” ‘I’ve never started a business before,” “maybe I’ll do the Challenge another time.” And this is certainly not for whiners and complainers…

“The most successful people in life are those who do what it takes to achieve their goal. They take 100% responsibility for their actions and don’t make excuses.”

They have drive, passion, and the will to succeed…even if they don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle in place and even if they’re scared. Someone once said, “What’s the difference between fear and courage?” Fear is wetting your pants. Courage is doing what needs to get done with wet pants.” I believe that if you’ve read this far, then you have what it takes to join the “Unlimited Leads Challenge.”

This Unlimited Leads Challenge is perfect for you if you want to…

  • Experience results NOW instead of weeks or months from now
  • ​Quickly build a list of hyper-responsive leads, fans, and customers
  • ​Create a highly lucrative and sustainable business in record time
  • ​Generate a steady flow of recurring revenue month after month
  • ​Serve your dream customers at the highest level
  • ​Easily automate your ad campaigns
  • ​Get 10,000 video views without spending a dime of your own money
  • ​Decrease ad costs and increase paying customers
  • ​Boost your ROI in a jiffy
  • ​Call the shots and work when YOU want to work
  • ​Generate a booming list of raving fans and buyers
  • ​Create a life of financial freedom for you and your family
  • ​Live the lifestyle you deserve

“What you get is a complete PROVEN SYSTEM and personal training to jumpstart a profitable ads campaign and lead generation machine.”

Unlimited Leads Challenge Review – Should You Get It Today ?

This Unlimited Leads Challenge was designed SPECIFICALLY for entrepreneurs and inspired business owners just like you…

For just forty-seven bucks, you get everything you need to kickstart your YouTube campaigns  and start bringing in leads and customers ASAP (without any experience whatsoever)…

  • 14 days of intensive training, Unparalleled Expert coaching
  • Step by Step Action Plan, Strategies, Templates
  • Word for Word Scripts, Roadmap, Bonus Trainings

WAIT! THERE’S MORE! You Also Get These Insane Bonuses…

  • BONUS 1: Case Studies of Wildly Successful List Building YouTube Ad Campaigns ($297 Value) – These exclusive case studies highlight people just like you who used the Tubesift Unlimited Leads system with incredible success. You’ll get backdoor access (don’t tell anyone) to these high octane case studies so you can model what they reveal and use these 6-figure strategies in YOUR business. No matter what your product or service, these strategies work for any niche or industry. Remember…each of these successful entrepreneurs started where you are now… Scared, nervous, skeptical, not knowing a thing about YouTube ads and green as grass when it came to generating leads and dream customers. You get to stand on the shoulders of these giants! Just model what they show you.
  • BONUS 2: How to Rapidly & Profitably Scale Your Online Business with Tubesift ($297 Value) – Ready to up your game and take your business to heights you only imagined? Then buckle up and watch how this revolutionary software can make it happen for you. Find the perfect audiences to target, Save tons of time. Boost your ROI through the roof. Reach MORE of your perfect customers FASTER. Once you dig into this bonus training, there’ll be no stopping you from reaching your dreams. Just follow the formula they lay out for you, take action, and watch what happens. If you’re dedicated to your success, and your ‘WHY’ is big enough, then you possess the right stuff to reach your goals.

Unlimited Leads Challenge Review

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Unlimited Leads Challenge Review – Bonuses

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Bonuses For Buyer


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Thanks you for reading my Unlimited Leads Challenge Review best wishes to you!



Unlimited Leads Challenge Review

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