Viper Cache Review – Make Your WordPress Sites up to 10x Faster With The Only Cache That Doesn’t Slow Your Server + Speed Up Your WP Sites Before You Get Hit By The Google Speed Slap!


Viper Cache Review – The Easiest & The Fastest Cache Plugin On The Market With Almost No Server Lag That Make Your WordPress Sites up to 10x Faster For Better Rankings!

Viper Cache Review – Overview


  • Product: Viper Cache
  • Vendor: IM Wealth Builders
  • Official Website: Click here to go Viper Cache Official Site
  • Launch Date: 2019 – Dec – 19 At 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $27 – $97
  • Bonus: Yes, My Premium Bonus Below
  • Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche: Software

Viper Cache Review – What is it ?

Caching is the #1 way to speed up any WordPress site however all current cache plugins have problems which affect user experience & site performance:

  • Problem 1: Current Cache Plugins Are Complicated… You need a university degree to find your way around cache settings nowadays – get just one setting wrong and your site breaks.
  • Problem 2: Free Cache Plugins Are Frequently Hacked… There’s been 33 registered vulnerabilities in popular cache plugins in the last 3 years alone. Users are left with a choice of either gambling with their site security by using free cache products or using inferior underperforming paid plugins.
  • Problem 3: Current Cache Plugins Hog Your Processor / Memory… Through inefficient cache clearing & cache preloading… say you have a site with 100 pages & you make 1 text change to 1 page… then with current cache plugins all 100 cached pages will be deleted and your site now has to rebuild every cached page hogging your server processor and memory. This problem gets worse the bigger your site.
  • Problem 4: Clashes With Many Common Themes & Plugins… over engineered cache plugins have a nasty habit of playing god with many themes & plugins giving you errors & white screens of death

The Best Paid Plugin is Not As Fast As Expected – The best paid product on the market was outperformed by it’s free alternatives. Independent tests carried out by in October 2017 showed that Rocket Cache the #1 paid cache plugin was outperformed by 2 free plugins.

Viper Cache Was 77% Faster Than competitors..

Viper Cache is based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet… they’ve built a more sensible cache that resolves these problems:

  • It doesn’t play god with your themes and plugins yet still achieves highest performance scores.
  • It’s stupidly simple to use with fewer settings than all other cache products.
  • It’s built on a secure framework which massively reduces the potential for hacking.
  • It has smart clearing and rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hog your site’s server resources and slow it down.
  • It’s built using the fastest cache technology without compromise on site stability.

Viper Cache also lowers you bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots and known site scrapers – which makes it’s 1st to market.

Viper Cache Was A Clear Winner

All Tests Were Done With Default Plugin Settings…

Viper Cache Bonus

Viper Cache Review – The Features

Here’s The Cool Features That You’ll Get With Viper Cache…

  • Smart Cache Clearing – It only auto clears cache on major site changes unlike competitors.
  • Smart Cache Preloading – It auto rebuilds cache on your most popular pages so it doesn’t hog server resources.
  • Uses Fast Cache Technology – It uses the best speed features that don’t compromise your site stability.

Viper Cache Compatible With All Major Page Builders + Multisite, Ecom & Cloudflare Compatible

Designed For Max Speed, Bandwidth Reduction & Ease of Use

Viper Cache

Viper Cache Demo Video

Speed Up Your Site With Just 1 Click…

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Viper Cache Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

Viper Cache OTO

Here’s Typical Results That They Using Only Viper Cache…

The tests here were carried out on real sites with the site owners permission. Typical speed improvements in our tests were 100 – 350%…  Up to 1000% speed increase is possible on slower more congested servers… Faster Cache Means More Sales For You!

Viper Cache Proof

And More Proof Inside…

By downloading Viper Cache Today, you’ll immediately receive the plugin and video tutorial to start using it immediately. I can’t wait to hear how much time this plugin adds to your day and how much your income increases through its use. Do take advantage of this offer today, Just 1 or 2 extra affiliate sales will recoup your investment. Don’t delay on grabbing a tool that will make you more money And don’t forget if you’re not 100% Happy – they’ll give you a 100% Refund – Guaranteed!

Viper Cache Review

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Viper Cache Review – My Bonuses


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Thanks you for reading my Viper Cache Review best wishes to you!

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